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Product Description

With only one button to turn the unit on and off and to turn the temperature up or down. The Pinnacle is pretty simple to use. After you have loaded your flowers and placed them into the heating chamber, just press the power button down once to turn on. A blue light will start to flash, that means the unit is heating up. Once it reaches it's maximum heat the is 190*C the blue light will turn solid blue. If you want it to be hotter press it again to reach 200*C. The Pinnacle is a really good unit all in all also if you are a beginner this is right up your alley.

What's in the box-

  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 filling canister
  • 1 oil consisted
  • 1 non flavor mouth piece
  • 1 cleaning tool
  • 1 stand
  • 1 user manual