Volcano Vaporizer Introduction:

The Volcano Vaporizer considered the latest progression in the field of vaporizer science. A Volcano Vaporizer allows you to have complete liberty while enjoying your tobacco or herbal blend. The vent-balloon delivery device allows the Volcano Vaporizer to stand apart from all vaporizers on the market. Volcano Vaporizer reviews show that the Volcano Vaporizer scored the highest in ease of use. Making it possible for Volcano Vaporizer vent-balloon to be filled with minimal effort by a Volcano Vaporizer user.

Considering the Volcano Vaporizer fills the vent-balloon up with enough vapor to provide several vaporizer hits from one. The Volcano Vaporizer vent-balloon also allows for vapor storage up to 8 hours.

Volcano Vaporizer Comfort
The Volcano Vaporizer user is allowed the comfort of watching while the vapor visibly builds in the Volcano Vaporizer vent-balloon. Once the Volcano Vaporizer vent-balloon is filled, the user can simply remove the bag and snap on an attachment and enjoy the Volcano Vaporizer results.

Volcano Vaporizer History
Hand crafted in Germany the Volcano Vaporizer is a medical grade vaporizer device. With numerous studies done proving the Volcano Vaporizer provides the durability today's vaporizer public needs.

Volcano Vaporizer Facts
The Volcano Vaporizer increases the amount of active ingredients the user receives from the herb about 75% more then traditional smoking. The smokeless approach the Volcano Vaporizer chose to use is excellent. Tars and carcinogens are virtually eliminated when using the Volcano Vaporizer as opposed to smoking.

Volcano Vaporizer Guarantee
Our Volcano Vaporizer is shipped with all essential items needed to work correctly including the 110 volt plug used in America. Replacement parts are available for the Volcano Vaporizer here as well. The Volcano Vaporizer comes complete with a 3 year warranty, restricted to normal use. Start living a healthier smoke-free lifestyle with the Volcano Vaporizer.

VaporWarez Behind The Company:

VaporWarez are the former OEM of VaporDocs, what this means is that VaporWarez was the original equipment manufacturers of the VaporDocs. Since then, VaporWarez has come out with their own upgraded vaporizer the all new VaporCannon.

VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer The VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer is now being offered by GotVape.com. This box style vaporizer is the first of it's kind to earn a spot at GotVape.com. Featuring a ground glass whip allows the VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer to truly be hands free, opposed to having to hold the whip to the heating element. VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer; Featuring a Ceramic Heating Element The VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer features a ceramic heating element, this is tremendously healthier then it's predecessor and its competitors like the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. Those units all contain a metal heating element. Long since being realized in the Vaporizer Gun market, where a ceramic element is mandatory. The box style vaporizers have been hurting peoples health with these cheaper elements that fail constantly. The VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer has surpassed the competition with this key feature. VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer; vs. The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer The ease of use as compared to the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is immense. While you need to hold your whip to the heating element with the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, the new and improved VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer allows you to use the ground glass fitting to maintain contact with the ceramic heating element. VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer; Warranty Information Now backed with a 5 year manufacturers warranty on the engine, the VaporWarez Hands Free Vapor Cannon Vaporizer has one of the most competitive warranties on the market. The new ceramic element has proven to be very reliable, even under the most stressful testing.

Air one 3.0 Vaporizer History:

The Air One 3.0 Vaporizer is dollar for dollar the most advanced vaporizer on the market today.

Being the third vaporizer that Vapir has placed on the market, the Air One 3.0 Vaporizer is definitely the best. Earlier versions of the Air One Vaporizer were said to be not as effective as the 3.0 version.

While GotVape.com is unable to check the accuracy of these statements, all we can tell you is that the Air One 3.0 has met with our staff's overwhelming approval.

Air One 3.0 Vaporizer Technology
Becoming the first and most affordably priced digital forced air vaporizer on the market, the Air One 3.0 Vaporizer is setting the bar for the vaporizer community.

The Air One 3.0 vaporizer features a revolutionary ceramic housed quartz crystal heating element. The advanced heating element allows three people to inhale three separate vaporizer hits a piece with just one herb disc. This is all done without the legal herbal blend being burned whatsoever.

With the all new supercharged engine the Air One 3.0 Vaporizer achieves your desired vaporizing temperature very quickly.

The Air One 3.0 Vaporizer comes complete with key that locks the unit when not in use to protect from unauthorized usage.

An Instructional DVD/Rom is included with each and every Air One 3.0 Vaporizer.

Air One 3.0 Vaporizer Exact Temperature Control The Air One 3.0 Vaporizer comes complete with exact temperature control in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

With three fan settings the Air One 3.0 Vaporizer allows you to either inhale your vapor hit directly from the unit at medium or to fill a vapor bag on the high.

Air One 3.0 Vaporizer Balloon Inflation Kits
For a limited time GotVape.com will be including a free Balloon Inflation Kit w/ Spearo enhanced flavor with your purchase of the Air One 3.0 Vaporizer.

This gives you the freedom to capture your vapors for enjoyment at a later time. The Balloon Inflation Kit comes complete with 10 Bags, 10 X Tips, and 5 inflation tubes.

Air One 3.0 Vaporizer Warranty Information
All the Air One 3.0 Vaporizers come with a standard 90 day warranty. You are given an option by Vapir to purchase an extended no hassle warranty.

About Our Digital Heat Gun Vaporozer:

Inspector Vapors is committed to serving its customers with quality products at an affordable price. The Inspector Vapors heat gun is one of those products. Our heat guns come with a variable temperature control.

This is key when vaporizing because different tobacco vaporizes at different temperature levels. The Inspector Vapors heat gun also comes with a ceramic coil vs. an aluminum coil.

The Inspector Vapors heat gun fits atop our vaporizer bowls perfectly. The Inspector Vapors heat gun runs on a 120-volt system, this will fit any electricity jack in the cont. US (Europe needs our 220 v model).

Also the Inspector Vapors heat guns come with a turbo cool setting for quick getaways and easy storage. And best of all, the Inspector Vapors heat gun is guaranteed for 1 full year from the date you receive yours.

A quality heat gun is essential when it comes to vaporizing. Most standard heat guns cannot be used for vaporizing. Since most heat guns come only with two heat settings 220 or 1100 degrees.

You'll find that neither setting is appropriate since one is too high and the other too low. A variable temperature is required when vaporizing to control heat levels. Another key element is an airtight seal between your heat gun and your vaporizer bowl.

However there are a couple alternatives to our heat gun model on the market. First and most expensive is the Stinel model. This unit is available for only 189.99. Another great model is the Craftsman unit. This unit is available for only 119.00.

As you can see the price differences are rather significant. But to be fair, both of these units are quality products and either would work for vaporizing. But if you're like me, and like to buy all your stuff at one place, then the Inspector Vapors heat gun is what you're looking for.